Password Generation, for the PC.

Authentication around the web requires passwords, and these strings of characters are a chore to generate without a tool—because there's nothing other than logins that would have motivated developing a knack for it, simply put we're not made for that! The proof of this lies in what has been published on password prediction research, and the impact on the results when users use dictionary or phonebook-based strings as passwords, without a tool. With our password generator, users generate passwords with ease, power, and peace of mind.

The way passwords are retrieved and used, is partially machine-controlled, and the remainder is up to the user—if only in the determination of when to accept the subsequent browser login auto-fill update prompt. So, when it's time for a new password, the generation and recording of them should also be hybrid.

The method of hybrid password management is to use the generator as the digital side, and for the storage of the passwords simply keep a cache of pages, or password notepad.

And last but not least, Wheel Software takes the privacy of its users seriously, and would never risk even coming close to betraying it.